Complete solutions for retail

In a more and more dynamic, mature, selective and educated market

…each year passing or implemented project, but in the same time smaller, intimate and transparent in terms of horizons of opportunities, certain synergies are created, principles are developed or vales defined ​​whose approach often requires new and unique resources, professionalism, determination, global vision, prompt support, consideration of all the specific limitations of each project and their projection in an complete, comprehensive and optimized commercial solution, represent  differentials more and more appreciated and the basis of any stable and long term partnerships that we, Orgami, all the time propose and unconditionally support on every occasion, as the only form to a coherent expression of the consolidated principles during the time.

Positioning as a global provider of integrated solutions, also understanding in the open, correct and transparent relationship built with all of our partners with whom we grew up, learned and we developed together , permanent preoccupation to identify the newest technologies for specific processes optimization, control of the operational costs and increase the performances of the teams, our portfolio of solutions has been continually expanding, today being able to sustain any challenge, both in terms of the objectives and the size of the projects, in a prompt manner based on mature, stable and reliable solutions, supported by a very enthusiastic team characterized by professionalism, availability and determination, having the necessary knowledge and natural territorial presence to ensure proper functioning over time, strategic partnerships with international producers representing an additional confirmation of the promoted values and their potential during the time.

Unique differentiators

A potent mix between the wisdom of a senior and the agility of a young player

Solution portfolio complexity – we represent over 30 international partners, leaders in their field of activity
Professionalism – more than 300 succesful projects implemented
Prompt technical support – almost 5.000 equipments under service and maintenance assistance

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Let’s talk